Air drone strikes killed Iranian General Qasem Suleimani

The second most powerful person of Iran General Qasem suleimani, leader of the Islamic revolutionary guard’s corps was assassinated on 3rd January by air drone strikes executed on the orders of American president Donald Trump when he was in the car riding in at the Baghdad airport. People of Iran are outraged because of Sulieman’s assassination and are eagerly waiting for the revenge with USA. Millions of people joined the procession of commander which led to flooded town streets. Pictures of procession showed a truck that was decorated beautifully carrying commanders coffin through the streets densely packed by people. Mourners had worn black dresses, carrying the pictures of Suleimani with them. His dead body was taken to central square of Kerman for burial. This assassination could led to war despite of USA justification behind the attack. President Donald Trump gives a statement claiming that the leader of Quds force had killed hundreds of American troops and he was planning further attacks on American embassy located in Baghdad. Suleimani wanted to take Baghdad on Iran’s side and his intention was to clearly evacuate American troops from its embassy’s in Baghdad.

Iran has started retaliating against America. On 8th of January, it launched more than dozens of ballistic missiles against US military and other coalition forces targeting two military bases at Asad in Anbar province and second base in Erbil in northern Iraq where American forces are stationed. This had also been confirmed by the US defence department but no causalities have been reported till now. Since the strike on Suleimani, pentagon had ordered approx. 10,000 additional troops in the region Iran s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called the Iranian strikes a slap on the face of USA. Despite of all the situations Iran’s foreign minister has confirmed that it didn’t seek any war or escalation. In response Trump had addressed on Wednesday from the white house that US would not take military action against Iraq. Instead president had warned to impose heavier sanctions on Iran to deteriorate the economic condition of the country more.

In addition to all the happenings, attack of news led to a hike in oil prices. For Brent crude, the international oil prices jumped above $70 a barrel in futures markets, that is nearly 4 percent rise from Tuesday. Stock markets also dropped sharply.

The upcoming days would be crucial for both Iran and America. Though, both countries are not seeking for escalation or war  but still it will take time  for situations to be normalized  after such a huge loss for Iran.

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