Execution of Nirbhaya gangrape case convicts will not take place on 22 January

Mercy petition filed by Mukesh Singh, an accused of Nirbhaya rape case has been rejected by the president Ram Nath Kovind. Petition was filed two days ago, that was passed to Anil Baijal singh,the lieutenant governor of Delhi and got rejected by him on the recommendation of Delhi government. After denial by governor, petition was proceeded to the union home ministry who did the same. Afterwards, it was sent to the president for the final decision who also denied the petition and makes the decision final. President has already given a statement two days ago’’ Accused of child rapes shouldn’t have the right to ask for mercy petition ‘’.

  However, lawyer of Mukesh Singh said ‘’ We do not know if the decision has been communicated to Mukesh in jail or not ‘’. The death hanging that was going to take place on 22 January at 7 am in Tihar jail has been postponed. Delhi government has informed the high court to not give the death sentence on 22 January because a convict should be given 14 days of reprieve after final decision came from filing the mercy petition. It also informed the court in a hearing that once the petition of all accused were settled, the date of death sentence will be finalised after that There were four convicts – Mukesh Singh (32), Vinay Sharma(26), Akshay Kumar(31) and Pawan Gupta (25)who were involved in the rape case ,so yet 3 accused are left for filling the petitions.

Basically, there are two petitions namely curative petition and mercy petition given to the convicts that is considered as a last chance for criminals in order to save themselves from death sentence. If both of the petitions get rejected, execution is the final decision. One of those Convicts, Mukesh had already applied for the curative petition earlier that got rejected by the Supreme court, after that he had the last petition left which also got rejected.

Mother of Nirbhaya, Aasha Devi made an appeal to the Prime minister Narendra Modi on Friday saying ‘’ You came to power in 2014 promising safety of women, so please hang them on 22 January. In a interview with ANI , she also said ‘’ I never talked about politics, I have only asked for justice with folded hands. But now I want to say that those people who protested on the streets with tricolour and black flags in 2012, today they are playing with my daughter’s death for political gains’’.

BJP and AAP are so busy in playing the blame game. Both keeps on blaming each other for the delay in execution of Nirbhaya rape case convicts. BJP is blaming AAP for being so complacent in the matter where as AAP is accusing BJP of instigating people with lies. It would be better if they could leave their politics aside for a while and begins to emphasise and work out more on speeding up of judiciary processes to prevent any further delay in execution for delivering the justice soon rather than taking any more time. It was a case of 2012 when this heinous incident takes place and its 2020 now, execution of rapists is getting delayed even after 8 years. After all, how much time is needed by judiciaries for delivering justice?

Delay in judiciary processes and taking years in solving a case is not so new thing in India. According to an analysis, if the nations judges closed 100 cases every hour without eating or sleeping, it would take more than 35 years to catch up. 57% of district and subordinate court case take more than 10 years to dispose of. A number of courts do not have data under the ‘’data field’’ column, the most crucial piece for identifying delays. It’s a need to speed up the judiciary process in India to deliver justice on time without delaying it for years.

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