How coronavirus is impacting the entertainment industry worldwide

Outbreak of corona virus is not limited to only China but it is impacting worldwide at diverse levels whether its tourism, film industry, and so on. Theatres in China that makes the world’s second largest box office market after US and Canada have been completely shut down. After the onset of this deadly virus attack, china has shut down its 70,000 theatres resulting in over loss of $1 billion. Unfortunately, China has shut down Disney theme parks that are usually occupied over the lunar year period in Shanghai and Hong Kong as well contributing to a major loss of revenue.

Bollywood is also facing trouble as due to the pandemic, it’s advisable to people for avoiding public gatherings as much as possible because there is possibility for transmission of corona in public gatherings more. So, plenty of people are avoiding visiting cinema halls that is contributing towards loss of movie revenues. For example, according to a report published in India tv, it was expected that Baaghi 3 will start with an opening of approximately 20-25 crores but it didn’t turn into reality. It suffers loss of 10 percent business due to virus outbreak. Many Bollywood movies had profited at a larger extent that had earn a huge revenue through china box office collections like Dangal, 3 idiots and so on. Bollywood movies could suffer a loss in revenue due to the outbreak of virus as people are avoiding places of mass gatherings.

Fatalities caused by virus has forced several Hollywood movies to postpone its release in china as it’s the centre of the deadly Corona. This epidemic is affecting prominent upcoming blockbusters that are potentially able to make huge profits. Most impacted is the Disney Hollywood studio. Recently, paramount makes a statement that it will delay the production of mission impossible 7 which was supposed to be shooted in Venice but due the fatalities happening at a faster pace in Italy, shooting will be delayed.

James bond upcoming movie – No time to die has cancelled in china because of virus fear. Not only that, Disney live action Mulan remake is also suffering with delaying problem in south Korea and japan because of the fatal virus outbreak. Later, Walt Disney animation in Japan announced that screening of Mulan will take place on 22 May instead of 17 April.

It is affecting promotional events for movies and so on. People are avoiding to travel as much as possible because the virus has transmitted to various major countries that could put the life of people at risk. Even after the reopening of theatres, there is no guarantee that people will flock back to theatres. They will linger due to the fear of infection.

Live music concerts has also been impacted as various music concerts are cancelled in Asia and others Europian places as well. Even after the entire termination of this virus, it will take time for things to get normalise again as the extent of destruction is huge.


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