Neha Dhupia supported a girl who cheated 5 boyfriends together and got heavily trolled

Actress Neha Dhupia is known for being a bold lady who is outspoken and tenacious. But, yesterday she got trolled badly on social media by netizens. It happened when a small clip from MTV Roadies Revolution got viral. She is one the judge on the youth based show Roadies revolution. Usually, she appeared as a boss lady of roadies but this time she is in the limelight for her controversial statements. She is getting trolled mercilessly and became a trend on social media for her biased statements about cheating in a relationship.

 A contestant on the show reveals some of the details about his relationship during the audition time. He told the judges that all he ever wanted is a loyal partner but once he got to know that her girlfriend was cheating on him and she had 5 boyfriends. After knowing this, he called his girlfriend along with other 5 boyfriends and slapped her. Neha Dhupia lashed out on the contestant and makes a biased statement on the show. She said “it’s her choice’’ and the trollers didn’t stopped ever since. Netizens were saying that Juli actress is promoting wrongdoings in the name of women empowerment. Though, it’s not right to slap a girl for that but its also wrong to  judge through only one side of the story. Is it correct to cheat some one like that? And how could the actress could say so easily that its her choice? It was showing her fake feminism and nothing else. If you just focus on the slapping part and say that cheating is a choice, that is portraying nothing else fake feminism of the Chup Chup ke actress.

“Nobody gave any right to that guy to slap her girlfriend@ NehaDhupia fair enough. Who gave the girlfriend to have five boyfriends at the same time and play around with all? You? Or feminism 4.0?’’ a user wrote.

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