Money heist season 4 review

The successful heist at the Royal mint of Spain has set the bars high  .It managed to  became one of the most highly rated show on Netflix. No doubt, earlier seasons of money heist was breathtaking, full of thrills though season 4 haven’t left any stones unturned to increase the adrenaline rush. It was  9 months wait to watch La Casa De Papel season 4 but after watching  season 4 ,you would feel that the wait was worth.

Creator – Alex Pina

Money heist aka La Casa De Papel season 4 is available on Netflix . Season 3 ends on two shocking notes. Firstly, when Professor was shattered  as he thought that cops has executed Raquael Murillio (but it was a fake encounter).  Secondly, police shoot on Nairobis head,hence she started struggling between life and death.  Will she survive between the race of death and life? season 4 will start from where it left us shocked and hanging in season 3.

As we witness in the earlier seasons that for every action took by the gang members, their was some sort of plan behind it but that is not going to last in this season. There will be plenty of  times when the professors’ plan will be fucked up and he would have a very little plan for making new strategies. Plenty of plans fucked up in season 4 because of several reasons. Firstly the hesist in The bank of Spain was Berlins idea not a Professor’s plan and it was not a complete plan loaded with flaws. Secondly, emotions  of the gang members are creaing destructions in plan.  Every episode of it will create a sense of thrill with a major increment in your aderline rush. However, this time the in charge of heist and a close friend of Berlin who loved him so passionately would  be directly behind the detoriation of plans. When Berlin was in charge of the heist in the first 2 seasons , he was way better than the egomaniac and a phsychopath Palmero.  Morever, this time there was less number of rules set by the professor than the earlier seasons that makes it more exciting. On, the other hand inspector Alicia was ready to shoot  bullets in the professor’s head that is making a do or die situation for our smart and sharp guardian angel.

Alex pina has managed to maintain a mixture of emotions in season 4 when every minute is not only filled with thrill, but also love, empathy, action and so on that is making it a wholesome.


Professor character was a pro with some variations in character that is making his character more intresting to watch. In season 4, you will witness the emotional professor for  the first time when he would be shattered . From there, how he moves on without letting his emotions comes in between ,how he still manage to be calm and make perfect plans was something  phenomenal to see.  Transformation of his character has nailed it.

 Tokyo, the narrator of the story was spectacular throughout the season. She has to go through some heartbreaks yet she kept the rebellious women inside her alive. And like in the previous  seasons she don’t often loose her mind as we witness in the earlier seasons.

Monica aka Stockholm was the calmest character among all  the gang members.

Rio has to go through a trauma after a barbaric torture on him by the cops. He succeed in creating emotions and he could make you emotional  in some episodes of season 4.

Other actors Jamie Lorente Lopez, Darko Peric, Rodrigo de la Serna and Pedro Alonso have given fantastic performences too.

Well, the ending of season 4 is unfortunately not a happy ending as usual ,something worst is going to happen with the guardian angel and it could leave you in a moment of shock.

So,be prepared for season 4 and do a binge watch before the spoilers on social media ruins your excitement.

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