After sonu sood, Swara Bhaskar offer helping hand to 1350 migrants

Amid Corona virus lockdown, migrant workers are struggling  for basic necessities. Their life has litrally turned into a mess. We are living a normal life and term small hurdles as struggle but the situation of migrant workers is a real example of struggle. To survive, to eat they are travelling 500 or 600 kilometres as they have been stucked in their workplace where they have no basic necessities, nothing to feed themselves. They are not travelling   by any two wheeler or four wheeler but barefoot. Countless migrants have died on the way majorly due to accidents . Out of those who survived ,corona attacked many of them. The current situation of migrants is a perfect example of carelessness on government’s side. Though, some good initiatives were implemented by the government of India like Running  Shramik express trains to sent migrants back to their home and so on. Despite all of those efforts, a lot more have to be done. Still plenty of migrants are struggling to get back to their homes, to get things of basic necessities.

During the pandemic, Sonu sood from bollywood acted up as massiah for migrants. As part of his “ Ghar Bhejo ‘’campaign, he  helped approximiately 12,000 migrants in reaching home and arrangements have been made for another 45,000. Each day he has provided 45,000 people with food and water. He has facilitated some buses for workers struck in Mumbai due to lockdown and got them transported to far of states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar,Karnataka and so on. Also, he shared a video on instagram where his mobile phone was flooded with countless messages from migrants in search of help as he has provided a tall free number  for workers and  advised them to contact him whenever it’s needed.  He has proved himself to be a hero in real life as well. Fans were praising him afterall he deserves so. After, sonu sood, swara Bhaskar offer  a helping hand to migrant workers in reaching their home. Till now ,Veere di wedding actress has been able to facilitate 1350 workers to their homes in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. She said, “I felt ashamed to be in the safety and comfort when when lakhs of people are being forced into destitution and hardship’’.  Swara and her team collect the data of migrants through a web form, contact them, and help them get tickets and bord train. She also said that Sonu Sood is an inspiration.

Each small contribution from people makes a big difference. Helping hands from these celebs has helped numerous workers. This is proving to be the most difficult time for migrant as they have no source of livelihood during the lockdown. The more people will help, the more migrants could successfully get back to their homes who are the worst affected during the pandemic.

Let,s see when this deadly pandemic will came to an end , when life of migrants would restore normalcy.

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