Complacency of people in times of Corona? Would people continue to be careless?

Covid-19, a stubborn pandemic is slowly turning into an endemic. With each passing day, this fatal Corona virus is creating record in the no. of spike in cases. India has undergone through a series of lockdowns and lockdown here is considered to be the most strict lockdown of the world.

Last lockdown, that is 5.0 has been extended up to 7th June. Since 8th of June unlock 1 phase will begin.  Lots of ease would be given by the government during the unlock 1 and things will begin to function normally in a step by step manner.  With the onset of unlock phase 1, religious places, markets, offices, malls, restaurants’ are going to function again but with some prevention. Like in malls, people have to go through thermal screening, anyone wouldn’t be allowed without masks. Food courts will allow only 50% of people to be there. Gaming section of malls and theatres would be still closed. In restaurants, there should be disposable menu card, use of paper napkin.  In religious places, no one should touch the murti of gods or goddess. There should be no distribution of prasads, and the holy water that is usually given in temples. Throughout all the rules the one necessary caution that people have to follow is to practice the art of social distancing. They have to inculcate this habit into their daily lives as this is not like a pandemic but could be proved to be an endemic. So, it’s must for people to take precautions accordingly.  But unfortunately it didn’t look like people would take the necessary precautions.  

Leave the future thing, I am talking about present. Whenever, I go outside, i am shocked by the complacency of people. More than half of people are roaming here and there in public places without any face mask. At a time where corona cases are increasing at it’s highest rate like never before in India, people have started to be so careless and complacent. By not using face masks, they are not only endangering their lives but also of others. Government should make strict rules for people who roam in public places without masks. Though, this rule has been implemented but still there is no effect on people. May be, there is some flaw behind its implementation that is giving an edge to people for roaming in public spheres without masks.

Even, unlock phase 1 hasn’t started yet and people have started avoiding wear masks, so it’s really a big question, what would happen later? Would people obey rules after the complete removal of lockdown?  It looks like it’s so difficult for them to put a mask on their face even during the lockdown. It’s a worrisome situation, what would happen later? Rules should be implemented in its strictest form so that people have to think twice before their careless acts. Reason behind emphasizing  on that face mask point is that a lot of researches have claimed that wearing mask not only means that we are protecting ourselves but also in this way we are protecting others from catching corona. So, it’s really essential. If you are not concerned for your health, it’s ok your choice but at least don’t put other’s lives in danger. It’s the right time to be aware of these things because things are going to function like before except in containment zones  So, in this situation ,you could be at greater risk of catching infection. So protect yourself, protect others.

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