5 productive ways to spend your lockdown period productively


Lockdown is a kind of alien thing for us as it never happened before. Though, with time we have started getting used to it. Our lifestyle is kind of restricted these days. Some are getting depressed where as others have crossed even the maximum extent of getting bored at home. Situation of the country is uncertain as no one knows what is going to happen further. So, instead of getting bored and depressed at home, it would be better if we could shape our boring days into productive days. Being occupied in good ways will never let you bored. So, here is a list of 5 activities specifically for college students as colleges haven’t reopen till now . If you are ready to inculcate these activities in your life, it could transform your depressing, boring days into the productive ones. They could help you in coping with the stress and literally the negative impacts of lockdown on your mind and body.


 Assign at least 30 minutes for  your regular workout sessions at home. Gym is not always necessary, if you want it , you could really do it at home.  It will not only provide you fitness and stamina but when you exercise, you would also feel more confident in yourself . In other words, it s also knows as stress buster that provides relaxation both at mental and physical levels.  You should set some fitness goals and work accordingly. Lockdown is best time for it as due to the busy schedules in our regular days, sometimes exercising is not possible. But as of now, you must have plenty of time. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin with it.

2. Learn cooking

It’s not necessary to learn every aspect of cooking , but definitely you should know the basics of it.  During the lockdown many people studying or working in other cities living alone were stranded there. Every restaurants , Dhabas were closed. Now, you can imagine how tough it is for those people stuck in other cities, even can’t let the maids enter into their house in the times of corona and don’t know how to cook anything. They must be feeling helpless. So, this is just an example. Situations like these could come up in your life in future, so you should be trained with the basic aspects of cooking if you don’t want to starve in future.

3. Pursue an online course

With the advancement in every aspect of technology, now a days we are not far from the option of pursuing online courses. Many websites provides such courses like Udemy, Course Era, Lynda.com and so on. You can select a course according to your choice and pursue it at your home. Isn’t that great? This would also help you in boosting your CV. Whatever course you are doing in you graduation and masters, you could add up in that and broaden your knowledge in any field you want to. Obviously, it is an great option. So, begin with it, why to be late?

4. Set your goals in life

Human life is meaningless without goals, purpose. Whether you are in graduation or masters or what soever , you have to end up doing job, business etc. So be prepared for it and do every thing that could take you to your dreams. Work for it now so that you don’t have to regret in future. Take a notebook, write down your life goals, where you want to see yourself in the next 10 years? Make a list of skill sets that is required for it and start work according to it with full commitment. Always remember, there is nothing worst than cheating on yourself.

5. Watch documentaries

There are plenty of documentaries available on Netflix and many other sites. You can watch any documentary related to your area of interest be it politics, sports, entertainment or any other thing. This will help you with boosting your knowledge . we always binge watch TV shows and movies that is unproductive. Do it only in your free time . Like suppose someone is interested in politics, and he/ she did not like to read at all , so they can gain knowledge in this way through watching documentaries related to politics. It would serve as a good purpose of infotainment for them.

So, these are the top 5 things to get off the boring , dull life of lockdown. Don’t wait, begin to do these things and get ready to see the positive impacts of that  in your life.

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