Digital sanitizer : Flash light of smart phone would kill Corona virus in 10 seconds.

Doctors & scientists from all over the world are trying to stop the fatal outbreak of COVID -19 as soon as possible. As of now, social distancing, using sanitizers and masks are being considered as a safety measure to stay away from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, scientists has prepared a digital sanitizer. They are  claiming  that mobile flashlight would kill the corona virus and all the bacteria. ULVEN, a company in South Korea had made this special device.  This device would enable the mobile flash light to destroy all the bacteria through ultraviolent rays.  People do use ultraviolent rays  to destroy the virus.

This special device consist of a clip that helps it in getting attached to the mobile flash light. Once, it’s attached to your phone flash light, you have to turn on your flash light and focus it on any surface for 10  seconds.

Yet, this device has not been launched in markets, but it is going to be launched soon. The device named as ULVEN would cost 25 $ dollars, means Rs 1887 . World health organization has said that the ultraviolent radiations produced by this device could harm skin, leading to skin diseases and eye problems.  Though ,UV light of wavelength 207 to 222 nm do not cause any side effect. In reference to ULVEN, company has claimed that this device is successful in killing 100% virus. Not, only that but they added “ULVEN has been clinically tested and gave successful results”. This great device possess the capability of cleaning your hands from virus for 50 times in a day . It’s flexibility allowed it to be used with any smart phone.

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