Unlock 3 guidelines: No more night curfews, gymnasium to be reopen from August 5

Unlock 3.0 will began from August 3. Government has issued some guidelines for unlock3.0 on July 29. Though, all the guidelines would be applicable for areas outside containment zones.

What is allowed during unlock 3.0?

  •  Night curfew will be removed now. Earlier, during lockdown 2.0 night curfew lasted from 9pm-7am to 10pm-5am. Restrictions on movement of individuals during night has been removed. Yes folks, now you are allowed to go out in night time. Though in the time of corona, the less you step out of home, the more it would be safer. Commercial establishment can now remain open  at their night time as they used to do before.
  • Gymnasiums and Yoga institutes will be open from August 5. Well, the opening of gym will be accompanied with various guidelines to curb the spread of covid-19 because gymnasium is a closed place with equipments that are  shared by multiple people. Standard operating procedure for operating Gyms and Yoga centre will be issued by the government before August 5.

Which activities will remain prohibited?

  • Metro train services will not operate till the order of government.
  • Cinema halls, swimming pools, entertainment parks,theatres, bars, auditoriums and similar places will remain close.
  • Social, political, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious functions with large gatherings to be remain banned.
  • Schools, colleges, coaching centers will remain closed for at least until August 31.

International travel is only permitted under under Vande Bharat mission till August 31 at least.  Rest , all depands on the situation.

Opening of these places will be decided by the government based on the situation of pandemic. Till then it is safer for people to avoid these kinds of activities and places as much as possible.

 Government is opening the economy with strict lockdowns in connatinment  zones to curb the spread of virus . Containment zones are the most dangerous areas that can spread virus to others at a faster rate. Acording to the guidelines,within containment zones , strict perimeter control shall be maintained and only essential activities are allowed. Government has decided to impose lockdown in containment zones till August 31.

Government has advised people to use the Aarogya Setu app. Social distancing, wearing mask, properly sanitizing yourself are some of the most effective ways to keep yourself safe from covid-19.

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