8 people died in a massive fire break out at a private hospital in Ahmadabad

Eight critical covid-19 patients died in a huge fire that broke out at a private hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) in Ahmadabad. The poor ventilated ICU caught fire possibly after a short circuit. Covid- 19 designated Shrey hospital situated in Navrangppura, Ahmadabad was blazing in the early morning hours though fire was broke out around 3.30 am on Thursday. Reports said that the smoke inside ICU was so dense that  killed 8 patients of covid-19. Among the eight victims, five were men where as the other four were women.

 “Eight corona virus patients admitted in the ICU ward of Shrey hospital have died due to fire, which has been doused” said an official of the Ahmadabad fire department. 40 people were rescued from the tragic incident and they have been shifted to a civic hospital. Police has recorded the statement of a hospital staff who managed successfully to escape from the hospital fire.Fire officials stated that they haven’t seen anything like this before.

A staff member in PPE suit went to attend a patient and he also died after being caught by the deadly grip of fire.After the fatal incident that wrecked a havoc, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani ordered an investigation.

Prime minister Narendra Modi expressed his grief over the tragic incident.“Saddend by the tragic hospital fire in Ahemdabad. Condolences to the bereaved families.May the injured recover soon,” he tweeted.

Another tweet by PM affirmed that an ex- gratio of Rs 2 lakh will be given to the deceased family from The Prime Minister’s Releif Fund. Those who get injured after the terrible incident will be given Rs 50,000.

1073 cases in Gujrat has been recorded in the past 24 hours.  With this, Gujrat’s covid -19 tally reached 66,777 on Wednesday.  The total number of deceased has gone up to 2,557.

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