Madhya Pradesh will pass a legislation on love jihad soon, accuse will face 5 yrs of rigorous imprisonment

Madhya Pradesh would be the first state will pass alegislation in state assembly making love Jihad a cognizable and non- bail able offence.  The bill will include provisions that will declare forced marriages and conversion null and void. On nov 2, ahead of by poll elections, Shivraj Singh chahuhan directed about his plan clearly that he will bring a legislation soon to end love jihad.

BJP governed states like UP, Haryana, Assam, Karnataka had earlier spoke about legislation to end love Jihad, but Madhya Pradesh is going to be the first state to do so. The bill is going to make love Jihad a non- bail able offence with 5 yrs of rigorous imprisonment. Forcible marriage, seduction and forced conversions will come in the radar of love jihad. If anyone wants to change their religion voluntarily, he/she along with their religious leaders have to apply to the district collector a month before. If any incidence of love Jihad will happen, victim’s family or siblings can file a complaint.

Opposition party lashed out at BJP. “This is BJP’S gimmick.  Love is above law” said by the ex- law minister PC Sharma. He also added, “The government should first call an assembly session and elect a full time speaker. Then the pros and cons should be discussed”.

Home Minister Narrotam Mishra said that those who will assist in committing the crime will also be considered a party to the crime. However, under article 21 of the constitution, right to marry the person of choice is guaranteed.

Love Jihad issue once again came in limelight when a girl in Haryana was killed outside her college. Her family stated that the accused was forcing their daughter for marriage and religious conversion.

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