Greta’s Thunberg recent tweet of toolkit become viral on social media

Teen swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg recent tweet has sparked a controversy that she deleted later. She posted a toolkit that was aimed at maligning India’s image globally. Close sources of government has told that the toolkit was prepared by a pro khalistani organization based in Canada. Toolkit was a PowerPoint where the things was planned intentionally to destroy India’s image and creating internal rift in the country by pre planned campaigns on Twitter.
Ever since the toolkit has become viral on social media from Greta’s twitter account, close sources of government has said that the violence that broke out on 26 Jan at Red fort was also a part of Khalistani’s plan.
Although Greta deleted the tweets later but before that people took screenshots of toolkit that became viral soon. And once it was viral, an FIR has also been lodged against the people who have designed that toolkit on the charges of sedition.
Farmers protest is highlighted globally ever since the American popstar Rihana with more than million followers tweeted in support of farmers.But her tweet was not organic and it was a mere plan of destroying India’s image that is clearly evident because in the toolkit a point has been mentioned hinting at running a global campaign on twitter in support of the farmers protest to hamper India’s image and creating a false narrative about the country on a large level. The powered toolkit prepared by pro Khalistani’s organization tried to create internal rifts within the county that was clearly a propganda to create anarchy in the country.
FIR has lodged by the Delhi police who has requested google for full documents of toolkit that was deleted within few hours of posting it. Inquiry of police is on the way regarding this case

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