50k police personnels deployed in Delhi for today’s chakka jam

Protesting farmers have organized a chakka jaam for today in national and state highways that will commence from 12 noon to 3pm with many rideres. Keeping R- day riots in mind, Delhi police have deployed 50,000 personnels from Delhi police, reserve forces and paramilitary forces to maintain the law and order situations on different points in Delhi and borders of NCR. Farmer unions have asserted that their call out for Chakka Jam will only take place on national and state highways and nothing will take place inside Delhi. Essential services would be exempted.

Entry and exit points of nearly 12 metro stations in the national capital would be closed to avoid any disturbence. Delhi police affirmed, ” Around 50 k police personnel of police paramilitary and reserve forces deployed in Delhi- NCR region. Atleast 12 metro stations in the Delhi capital have been put on alert for closing the entry and exit in view of any disturbence”.
Police have tightend up the security at many points such as Red fort, Minto bridge area, ITO area, Janpath etc. Strict arrangements such as Multi – layered barricades and barbed wires have have been put up on roads to prevent any violence. On 26 January, farmers rally took an ugly turn. To avoid such repeations, Delhi police have done heavy deployment in Red fort. Proper barricading of Minto bridge area and barned wires over police barricades in ITO area is also done properly to make it safer.

Farmer unions denounced for Chakka jam on Monday and today its going to take place with strict arrangements by Delhi police.

Farmers are protesting along different border areas of Delhi NCR since 26 nov for the repeal of 3 enacted farm laws passed by the government. Various round of talks had took place between farm union leaders and government but both sides haven’t reached to any outcome yet.

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