Senior citizens and people with comorbidities to receive vaccine shots soon

Third phase of Vaccination rollout is going to start soon for those aged 50 years or above and people with comorbidities. On Thursday, during the question hour in Lok Sabha, a bunch of questions on vaccination were asked to the Health Minister Harsh Vardhan where he asserted that third phase of vaccine rollout is going to start soon most likely in the second and third week of March for senior citizens where people aged over 60 years would be the initial prefference for vaccination. Health minister affirmed, “It is hard to give the exact date but it is our estimate that we can start vaccinations for the third stage – above 50 and those with comorbidities”. He added that 5 million of people had received the first shot of vaccines.

Our country is vaccinating people at a very fast pace in comparison to other countries. India have vaccinated 50 lakh people in a very less time.
Till now India had gave its vaccine to 15 countries. By April 3 crore of health care and frontline workers have to be inoculated . 450 crore would be spent for vaccinating 3 crore health care and frontline workers .Health secretary Raj Bhushan said, ” Vaccination of frontline workers have started from February 3. Once this stabilises, people above 50 years will be immunized too very soon”. Budget of 35 k crore has been allocated by the finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman for vaccination drive against covid-19 and it can be increase further as per the requirements.

In India vaccination drive has started from 16 January 2021. Initially it included 10 million health workers but later it has included 20 million frontline workers as well. A total of 5 million people have received the first shot of vaccine. People in India have been inoculated either covidhsheild or covaxin.

Due to the pandemic 174 doctors have lost their lives. Although on a positive note no death from the vaccine has been reported yet.

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