Would life restore normalcy post lockdwn?

We have entered in the fourth phase of lockdown since 18th may. It will last till the end of May. India is under lockdown from last 54 days. But, unlike previous lockdowns, this one is different from the rest  because there will be ease on many restrictions. Though, a significant question arise, would life restore normalcy after lockdown? Would we shake hands with our friends or hug them like before? How  we will deal with persons sneezing or coughing in public spheres? Would we quarantine ourself at home just after a fever? Definitely, lots of questions like that strikes our head and left us  in vague. We should be prepared for all these kinds of situations.

 According to a research by psychology department in Lady Shree Ram college , Delhi ,it was concluded that ,”there is a sense of anger from those  who don’t follow social distancing or the ones who still roams in public spaces without masks”.  Even after the complete removal of lockdown, there are plenty of rules that people have to apply in different spheres of life in order to save themselves from the attack of deadly coronavirus.  Public transport could be the worst affected in some major corona hit states. When it comes to railways, Indian railways are planning to adapt some measures like leaving the middle birth in three tier compartments or to stop the pantry car services, and even they have stopped providing bedrolls in train and they would continue to do so as these measures could somehow reduce the risks of corona transmission. Best buses of Mumbai have decided to continue with the lockdown and allowing only one passenger for every 2 seats while no longer people are allowed to stand in buses.

Even if you plan a vacation after the lockdown, you will became a major suspicion for people. There are many incidences in India when a person travelled from one place to another within the country and they turned out to be a major suspect for people living around them as if they are untouchables. People maintains distance for their safety and sometimes they did it too much that could might make you feel awkward or left alone. One couple in Mumbai , a businessmen and his wife a yoga instructor came india after a vacation and even self-quarentined themselves after their trip to abroad,though they have to face belligerent behavior of the building’s management. After three days,” they say of eating only biscuits and packaged foods,we convienced our neighbours to allow the groceries to be delivered to us at the entrance of the building . We were told to collect our groceries late at night to minimize any contact we might have with other residents”. Still shaken by the experience, the couple say,”we don’t know if we will ever be able to forgot how they treated us”.

Lockdown was not implemented to curb the pandemic entirely as we all know it was never possible to completely destroy the virus through lockdown. But obviously, it could prevent community transmission .

Even after the entirely removal of  lockdown, life would never be like before.  Recently , World Health Organisation (WHO) has given a statement about the pandemic saying that,” it could became a part of our life and it may never go away. So, we should learn to live with it.”So, in that case, even after the curb of lockdown we would hesitate in going to places we used to go freely like malls, cinema halls, resturents and so on. Trauma from corona will stick to our mind like a glue that will create a sense of fear in us whenever we would go to public sphere. Packed with plenty of precautions, our mind would no longer feel completely free while watching a movie, having a meal at resturents and so on.

Hotliers, airlines, retailers and shopping mall managers say they intend to play it safe when they re open. Not only that, Industry experts feels that this outbreak will lead in drastic changes in the attitude, behavior of companies and even their choices of cosumers. They will remodel their business products and services accordingly. Consumers will expect more hygine from service providers.

Shopping malls haven’t started yet but when they will start , they will come up with various sort of rules . Manoj Gaur , manager of the Gaurs group,say they will start limited entry in malls with proper sanitizing facilities ensured. Specifically, they would follow the norm of social distancing that is a must to practice. A wholesale retailer Metro cash and carry company India Pvt.Ltd has strictly prohibited customers who wont wear masks or are found with 99-100 temprature during thermal screening.

Footwear companies like Woodland would also limit the number of people entering stores at a time and require them to wear mask and gloves.

Let’s see how people will act after the ending of lockdown. Would they include the important measures in their day to day life? Or they would be complicent after the the end of lockdown? Time will answer every question.

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