Hardik Pandya trolled on social media

Hardik pandya got engaged yesterday with his lady love Natasha Stankovic . She was a part of the famous dance reality show Nach Baliye and she had also worked with Badshah in DJ wale babu song. He  posted a video with his love of life on 1 January on Instagaram . In the video , he proposed her on a private deck in Dubai. Some of their common friends were also present that time. Many cricketers, actors and others congratulate them.

But sadly just after some hours of posting the vide0 , the all rounder of Indian team got trolled badly everywhere on social media and became the trending meme on social media. And the reason behind the trolling was his skin color. Just because he is dark and  got a fair skin fiance, he was insulted on social media. Is it fair to troll someone up to a pathetic extent just because of his skin color? Basically, it has clearly displayed the sick mentality of racism in those people who still just care about the complexion and judge a person through it. India has developed much more than before but still it lacks a developed vision that is an impediment in the development of the country. It’s a necessity to alter their narrow minded thinking patterns because if they will stick to these pathetic stereotypes ,they will never grow  .

Trollers who are so judge mental about his color and who are busy in making memes about him should better know his acheivements as well. He is a very important part of the cricket team and a successful person through his hard work. They should better focus where they stand out in their life, it will better help them .

Those  people who  don’t want to be happy in his  happiness, at least they should not try to ruin it through their so called derogatory racist comments.

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