Top 10 best series on Netflix

Since the lockdown, life has became monotonous for all.  People are spending more time on OTT platforms these days. Though selection of a particular  series to watch is a huge mess for people.  ‘’Should I watch that series or not’’? It came frequently to your mind. However, now you didn’t  need to bother about it anymore. Here is the list of top 10 best series of Netflix that is must watch for everyone atleast once in their lifetime.


Blacklist is based on the life of a criminal named as Raymond Reddington . Twist came in the story when Raymond surrendered himself to the police on his own wish.  Thereafter, he wants FBI to capture dangerous criminals, some of them unknown to FBI.  Reddington starts killing all those criminals in his blacklist not directly but indirectly. Words belonged to Reddington where as guns are used by the police during  encounter of criminals.


Released in 2016, series is written about  the queen of Britain Elizabeth II . Her character is  presented as a 25 year old girl . Whether it’s her love life or political rivalries, that contributed a lot in shaping the events in second half of the 20th century,the series has been through all this. you will get a chance to witness all the struggles of Britain’s queen life that you must haven’t  saw or heard yet.


It’s a  law drama about Mike Ross , a college droput. He managed to pass BAR examination though he has no law degree. Story revolves around two laywers with only one having the law degree. They have a  clear target of winning all the cases and to make lots of money through it. Each episode will bring a new battle that will look a kind of impossible to win. But above all,  their strong presence of mind somehow turned the situation in their favour and at last they usually won the battle.


This is about a couple who are in their twenties. Despite all the ups and downs of career, they always try to maintain their close love bond that sometimes got fragile with situations.  Dhruv and Kavya lives together in Mumbai and want their love to reach its destination. But it’s not that easy, it takes time and efforts to do so. Will they manage to get through it? You will find the answers by watching this series. Some sort of little happiness is always there behind  evey successful relationship and that is the focus point of this series.


 Mindhunter is about  two FBI agents who investigate the most dangerous serial killers and try to find out their dark hidden secrets. Some  scenes are thought provoking when criminals told  about their horrible deeds in such a light way as if they were telling about having their breakfast. Well, you just cant win every battle by pointing gun at each other but sometimes attacking on a person’s mind directly can make you win the battle. It’s just that you should be able to use your sense wisely according to the situations.


This series brings the story of the most powerful men in the world, that is the president of America. A congressman, Francis underwood wants to take his revenge from each person who has betrayed him in the past. Seduction, ambition, blackmailing are his some of the major weapons. Major twist comes in play when his own wife stand against him as a political rivalary. What happened afterwards,you will get this all after watching this lovely series.


This highly rated series has established a unique kind of relationship between Gaitonde, a don from underworld and a police inspector named as Sartaj.  Unlike in a  police- theif  game, the battle is not against each other but it’s against time. Precious city of Mumbai is endangered and only 25 days are left to safeguard it from the deadly havoc.  Would they succeed in saving ‘’Aamchi Mumbai’’? You will get the answer in the third season.


 It will take you in the deadly world of crime. Based on a true story, a character named as Jerry sent two criminals to kidnap his wealthy wife. But plan didn’t go accordingly and three people found dead outside . Initially it will look as  if there is no connection  between the murders, but later series will be more intresting when you will find out that every murder was related to each other in some way. It’s a mocktail of action and crime.


 This web series is just according to its name. It’s based on time travel mystery and  some confused teenagers. Maybe you could think of it to be a slow pace series initially, but trust me if you are a fan of stranger things, you would be hooked by this series.


It’s a king of fresh quality content . How technology will destroy us in upcoming time, you will witness all those things in this series. The best thing about it is that no episode is related to each other. You can start from any episode of any season.

So, these are some of the top 10 best Netflix series that you should must watch atleast once in a lifetime. Good luck,cheers.

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