AIIMS Delhi experts recommend changes in the protocols for Vaccine making

New Delhi:  The Human trial stage has started for the Corona vaccine COVAXIN. Though, in the middle of that, experts from AIIMS have recommended some changes. A group of experts from AIIMS Delhi have suggested to change the protocol of human trials for vaccine.  Research wing of AIIMS has asked for a sample survey to test 1,125 healthy and voluntary people in the place of 375 for both the phases of trials.

The experts committee objected to 11 points in the proposed protocol . They affirmed that this changed way of conducting trial will make it more scientific and accurate.

According to the media reports, ICMR protocol states that the trials should be fast tracked. To execute it, there should be more sample of trials in order to give more accuracy.

 According to the present protocol, vaccine trials will be conducted on healthy people in the age range of 18 to 55 years in the first phase and 12  to 65 years in the second phase.

ICMR claimed that the COVAXINE will be launched by August 15.  According to the deadline ,phase of human trials had to be started from July 7. Once all these trials will be successful, vaccines will be launched by August 15.

It will be  the first vaccine of covid-19 Chairmen and managing director of the  vaccine making company , Dr. Krishan Ella stated that  it is the first vaccine that is getting prepared for coronavirus. He also added that our research and drug preparation team is working continuessly even without getting tired

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