Real reason behind Wajid Khan’s death

Singer and composer Wajid khan left us forever. Bollywood industry had already suffered a major loss with demise of some famous actors like Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan. One more added in the list. The 42 year old music director died at Surana hospital in Chembur .He has died due to cardiac arrest and also  infected from Corona.  Mother of the duo Sajid- Wajid has tested positive for Covid-19. It is believed that Wajid khan has picked Covid -19 from his mother who came to visit him daily in the hospital. He was admitted in hospital since 2 months. From that time, his mother looked after him.

Few months back, sister in law of Wajid has donated him a kidney  but his body rejected that kidney transplant and he developed kidney infection.  Salim Merchant said that Wajid has multiple health issues and he was on ventilator since 4 days as his health condition was deteriorating.

Wajid lived with his brother Sajid ,his sister in law and his mother as he was seprated from his wife.
He blessed bollywood with  some super hit songs like- Tere mast mast do nain from Dabang, Besharmi ki height, Soni de Nakhre, Deewana tera and a plenty more. He shared a special kind of bond with Salman Khan. Duo of Sajid- Wajid  has composed songs in various movies of Salman khan. Even, the last music he gave was sung by Salman Khan that is “Bhai Bhai’’ on the occasion of Eid.

Wajid Khan has to go through an angioplasty in 2018 . He has blockage due to high cholesterol. Not only that, he also has problem of diabetes. During his last days he was high on diabetes . He catched corona from his asymptomatic mother but that was never the reason of his death. Though, he was going through major health complications, he died due to cardiac arrest.

He was laid to rest at Versova cemetery in presence of close friends and family members. One month before, that was the same place where Luncbox Actor Irrfan khan was also buried.

Bollywood celebrities expressed their greif over the demise of the famous bollywood music director on various social media platforms. One thing was common in their messages for Wajid khan . He was a men who is full of life. He makes the ambience so light and happy by his jolly nature wherever he go. He has literally make a hole in the bollywood music industry with his demise. He is not with us anymore but will remain in the hearts of people forever. May his soul rest in peace.

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