Twitter’s director for public policy Mahima kaul resigned

Public policy director of Twitter to India and South Asia Mahima Kaul has resigned from her designation citing personal reasons confirmed by the official sources. A senior company official has confirmed that Twitter’s director Mahima kaul has resigned on January but she would continue her work till March for a smooth transition. Kaul is associated with Twitter since 2015.

Vice president of Twitter public policy Monique Miche said that Monica’s plan to take a break is well deserved although it would be a loss for twitter. She added, ” At the start of this year, Mahima Kaul decided to step down from her role as Twitter Public Policy Director for India and South Asia to take a well-deserved break. It’s a loss for all of us at Twitter, but after more than five years in the role, we respect her desire to focus on the most important people and relationships in her personal life. Mahima will continue in her role till the end of March and will support the transition,”. These incidents has started coming up after a rift between Twitter India and the Indian government over the deletation of some Twitter accounts that had been tweeting using provocative and objectionable hashtags about the ongoing farmers protest.

Indian government had sent a letter to Twitter India demanding the removal of those accounts that are using genocide hashtags for farmers. Government also warned to Twitter that if they won’t comply with the orders they have to face strict penalties. Twitter India blocked those accounts listed by the government of India.

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